What to wear for your photo shoot?

Fashionable but BASIC!

Solids work best, but somelight texture or pattern bring a bit more depth and helps bring the focus back to your face. If you have a favorite outfit bring it along. We’ll do a quick wardrobe change till we get the best look that’s appropriate for both casual and business applications, think Linkedin vs Facebook.

Since you are already in front of the camera, think about wardrobe changes appropriate for the seasons. You’ll have photos to change out throughout the year. Helps keep your marketing current and fresh. If you’re bringing a suit, bring two and bring various shirts and ties.

I always say breathing is the best solution to relaxing and slow constant movements are best. Every movement of the face, head, shoulders, arms and hip change the expression on your face ever slightly, but enough to make your photo session effective.

What to avoid…

…well probably these examples. Not that these are unfortunate patterns (one of them is) but they just capture all the attention.