How to add a Touch-up request to a photo?

Email me directly at: marezj@thebluechairstudio or Type in your request directly on your photo. Here’s how. Adding a note or a comment on an image is a great way for clients to communicate specific photo requests with you. Clients are able to add a note to any image that is in their Favorite list. You … Read More

How to tie a tie

Moving beyond the Windsor knot! Express your self with a unique knot. I would say 90% of my male clients wear a tie. If you are in an industry that requires a tie, it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with it. You might want to MUTE the music in … Read More

How to download images from a Collection?

How to download images from a Collection? When your client is viewing a Collection, they will have a few options available for downloading images! To Download the entire Collection, they simply need to click on the Download icon shown at the top right of the Gallery view. For Single Photo Download (note: this option … Read More

Fabrics to wear for your photo shoot.

Now that you’ve chosen what to wear, let’s add more to the criteria! Fabric structure, it is just as important as comfort. Feel great in what you wear, but behind the lens it needs to maintain structure.Think Wrinkle Resistance:Wool jacketsSynthetics like RayonOXFORD is my favorite for collar shirtsPolyesther blends are also a … Read More

The perfect shot!

“I know what you are going through.” It’s what I say to my clients as I’m shooting away. I truly mean this. To get that perfect shot there are a lot of hit and misses. Eye’s rolling, eyes shut, eyes a funk and bedroom eyes. Hair and make up worries are all … Read More

What to wear…continued

It is so important to bring a few options with you to the photo shoot. Have everything pressed and ready to change into. If you are doing a 20 minute shoot with your team, make that wardrobe change easy! Could be as easy as a tie or different coat. Blazer changes are … Read More

Relax it’s all good!

“I hate getting my picture taken.” One of the many phrases I hear from clients and I say the same thing! I put my self in my client’s position as much as possible. From self portraits to selfies to talent work. I know what it’s like to want to look the best … Read More

Backgrounds & Location

OK! Well this is just as important as what you are wearing. Want to show off the color of your eyes? Want an action shot on location such as your office, office building, nature, or just a cool architectural statement like Fort Point. If it’s not in a studio, It’s a good … Read More

Studio Lighting

Depending on the use of the photo the lighting positions can vary. I like to start with a very basic configuration and add and subtract light as needed for drama and appropriate use of the photo. Business cards: Show some of your personality but with a professional edge. Model Portfolio: Light the … Read More

Getting dolled up with makeup

Men and women can benefit from working with a great makeup artist. On my end it decreases the amount of digital work from skin smoothening and shiny areas. On your end, it enhances your confidence of course! I work with two makeup artists Janet Perhac & J. Roland Salon. They apply makeup … Read More

Hairy Situation

Unless you’re going to have your favorite hairdresser at the photo shoot. I recommend having your hair cut a week before the photo shoot. If it’s a new look, live with it for a while and get used to the new styling. I can arrange for a stylist to be at the … Read More

A little more about Jesus Marez McLean

Making you feel great in front of the camera is my job. Yours is to relax and let me catalog the moments for you. I’ve been behind the camera for 20 years, spent countless hours in the dark room and I’ll bring that experience to all the categories of my photography from … Read More

What to wear for your photo shoot?

Fashionable but BASIC! Solids work best, but somelight texture or pattern bring a bit more depth and helps bring the focus back to your face. If you have a favorite outfit bring it along. We’ll do a quick wardrobe change till we get the best look that’s appropriate for both casual and business … Read More