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Studio Lighting

Depending on the use of the photo the lighting positions can vary. I like to start with a very basic configuration and add and subtract light as needed for drama and appropriate use of the photo. Business cards: Show some of your personality but with a professional edge. Model Portfolio: Light the … Read More

Getting dolled up with makeup

Men and women can benefit from working with a great makeup artist. On my end it decreases the amount of digital work from skin smoothening and shiny areas. On your end, it enhances your confidence of course! I work with two makeup artists Janet Perhac & J. Roland Salon. They apply makeup … Read More

Hairy Situation

Unless you’re going to have your favorite hairdresser at the photo shoot. I recommend having your hair cut a week before the photo shoot. If it’s a new look, live with it for a while and get used to the new styling. I can arrange for a stylist to be at the … Read More

What to wear for your photo shoot?

Fashionable but BASIC! Solids work best, but somelight texture or patternĀ bring a bit more depth and helps bring the focus back to your face. If you have a favorite outfit bring it along. We’ll do a quick wardrobe change till we get the best look that’s appropriate for both casual and business … Read More

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