The perfect shot!

“I know what you are going through.” It’s what I say to my clients as I’m shooting away. I truly mean this. To get that perfect shot there are a lot of hit and misses. Eye’s rolling, eyes shut, eyes … Read More

What to wear…continued

It is so important to bring a few options with you to the photo shoot. Have everything pressed and ready to change into. If you are doing a 20 minute shoot with your team, make that wardrobe change easy! Could … Read More

Relax it’s all good!

“I hate getting my picture taken.” One of the many phrases I hear from clients and I say the same thing! I put my self in my client’s position as much as possible. From self portraits to selfies to talent … Read More

Backgrounds & Location

OK! Well this is just as important as what you are wearing. Want to show off the color of your eyes? Want an action shot on location such as your office, office building, nature, or just a cool architectural statement … Read More

Studio Lighting

Depending on the use of the photo the lighting positions can vary. I like to start with a very basic configuration and add and subtract light as needed for drama and appropriate use of the photo. Business cards: Show some … Read More

Hairy Situation

Unless you’re going to have your favorite hairdresser at the photo shoot. I recommend having your hair cut a week before the photo shoot. If it’s a new look, live with it for a while and get used to the … Read More