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Fabrics to wear for your photo shoot.

Now that you’ve chosen what to wear, let’s add more to the criteria! Fabric structure, it is just as important as comfort. Feel great in what you wear, but behind the lens it needs to maintain structure.Think Wrinkle Resistance:Wool jacketsSynthetics like RayonOXFORD is my favorite for … Read More

The perfect shot!

“I know what you are going through.” It’s what I say to my clients as I’m shooting away. I truly mean this. To get that perfect shot there are a lot of hit and misses. Eye’s rolling, eyes shut, eyes a funk and bedroom eyes. Hair … Read More

Timing and Posing!

The best part of my job is giving the opportunity to my clients to feel amazing about themselves, but timing is everything.  Since posing is it out of fashion, relax and in 20 minutes we can have a great shot for your online presence.  If you … Read More

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